Welcome to Frank's five year research project!  A few years ago, Frank thought it would be fun to research my Koornwinder family.  The "fun" turned into an on-again, off-again obsession for both of us, with Frank doing the bulk of the research on the Koornwinder family tree.  By no means is the site done, in fact, we would like to ask all Koornwinders/Corenwinders/Korenwinders to contribute to the site with their own facts, anecdotes and pictures about their respective ancestors.    But rather than keeping our findings to ourselves any longer, we wanted to share our work with you, and ask for your help in filling in the details.  You can email us with any corrections, additions or deletions at danikfrankg25@hotmail.com.  

But before we go on, let me introduce who we are since the tree is currently very much focused on my immediate forbearers, although we tried to include all Koornwinders we found along the way.  My name is Danielle Koornwinder and I am married to Frank Gott.  We live in Santa Barbara, California but I was born in the Netherlands and only moved to the States in 1976 with my mother, father (Willem Koornwinder pictured above standing left) and brother Jeroen.  Because we live in the US, this site has been documented in English but we still have close ties to the Netherlands.

As we were doing this project I realized how little I knew about my own father and grandfather who are just a generation or two ahead of us so we decided to document not only their birth, marriage, children and death dates but also a little bit about who they were as people.  We have tried to include a little historical perspective on some of the more prominent members of the family but here also, we would love to gather more details from anyone who has a personal recollection of a Koornwinder ancestor. You can even tell us a little bit about yourself and we will put it in your record.  

For security reasons, we have decided to maintain the privacy of all Koornwinders who are still alive today, but if you know your Koornwinder lineage then you should be able to find yourself on the family tree as a "Confidential" entry.  If you can't find yourself, then please email us, and we are happy to add you.  Give us as much details about yourself, your parents and grandparents as possible.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and enjoy a stroll down Koornwinder memory lane.  And here are some other Koornwinder Web sites for your review:

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